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How to Design Letterhead – VerifiableLetter

How to Design Letterhead or Select from Standard Letterhead Designs

Crafting a professional letterhead is crucial for establishing your brand identity and conveying credibility. Follow these simple steps to design your personalized letterhead on VerifiableLetter:

  1. Accessing Settings:
  2. Exploring Default Designs:
    • Next, scroll down on the Settings page until you reach the “Letterhead Designs” section.
    • Here, we offer some default designs that vary in the placement of your logo, business address, and QR code.
  3. Previewing Designs:
    • Click the “Preview” button to visualize how each design places the essential details.
  4. Selecting a Design:
    • If one of the default designs meets your requirements, simply click “Select” to make it your chosen letterhead design.

Creating a Custom Letterhead Design:

  1. Customization:
    • Alternatively, click “Create New” within the Letterhead Designs section to craft your unique design.
  2. Image Upload:
    • In the pop-up window, specify a name for your design.
    • Upload a header image to appear at the top and a footer image for the bottom of your letterhead.
    • Choose images from your collection or opt for professionally designed Letterhead header images and Letterhead footer images available via download links.
    • Images should be in PNG format, with a maximum width of 850px and a maximum height of 200px. Oversized images will be resized accordingly.
  3. Saving Your Design:
    • Once you’ve uploaded your images, click “Ok” to save your custom letterhead design.
  4. Finalizing:
    • Your new design will now appear in the list. Click “Select” to set it as your default.
  5. Testing:
    • Verify your design by creating a new letter in the “Letters” section of the portal. Click Preview button on Letter Edit page

Submit Feedback

  • Feedback:
    • Have any comments or suggestions? Reach out to us via the chat icon located at the bottom right corner of our portal. We value your feedback! Alternatively, you can reach us via Contact Us
  • Conclusion:
    • Embrace secure and verifiable communication with your personalized letterhead on VerifiableLetter. Happy communicating!

Streamlining the process of letterhead design ensures professionalism and consistency in your correspondence. We hope you will enjoy using VerifiableLetter!

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